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2018-2019 Rotary Officers and Board Members

Club President
Anthony Schmoldt, 2018-19 President

Rotary Officers

President - Anthony Schmoldt
President Elect - Josh Rizzo
Pres Elect Nominee‐Secretary - Empty
Executive Secretary - Beth Kalata
Treasurer - Al Mazorol (interim)
Past President: Al Mazorol


Board Members (2017-2018)

Al Mazorol (Term ends 6-19)
Anthony Schmoldt (Term ends 6-19)
Dr. Jim Appel (Term ends 6-18)
xxxxxxxxx (Term ends 6-18)
Beth Kalata  (Term ends 6-19)

Six At Large Members who  serve as committee chairs

Jeff Flaig (Term ends 6-2019)
xxxxxxx  (Term ends 6-19)
Josh Rizzo (Term ends 6-2019)
Don Albrecht (Term ends 6-2020)
Jim Woldhuis (Term ends 6-2020)
Michelle Schlosser (Term ends 6-2021)

Club Teams (First listing is chairperson/s)

Community Service

International Service

  • C


  • Jim Docksey

Public Relations and Social Media

  • D


  • T

Rotary International Foundation

  • A

Youth Protection Officer, Youth Exchange Officer, Youth Counselor

  • J

Youth Exchange Officer, Youth Counselor

  • K

Grants Committee

  • Teresa Germain

Program Committee

  • M

Rose Day

  • J

Club Visioning Cheerleader

Editor-Rotary Chatter - Michelle D. Schlosser

Web Site Administrator - David Crane