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Our club can provide the opportunity to serve and enjoy the fellowship of other Rotarians locally and internationally. Membership is by invitation only and is on the basis of one representative from each type of business, profession and institution to ensure a cross section of community leadership. Interested persons should contact a club member for more information.

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Photo of Mr. Don  Albrecht
Member Since:  Dec 13, 2016

Mr. Don Albrecht

Albrecht's Nursery & Orchard LLC
Member Duties:
  • Co-president 2019-2020
  • 2018 Service Above Self
Photo of Mr. Robert J. Allen
Member Since:  Jun 14, 2016

Mr. Robert J. Allen

Mason Companies
Photo of Dr. James  Appel
Member Since:  Jul 10, 2000

Dr. James Appel

Appel Chiropractic
  • 2015 Paul Harris Fellow
Photo of Dr. Lon  Arneson
Member Since:  Feb 13, 1984

Dr. Lon Arneson

Northwoods Family Eyecare, LLC
Member Duties:
  • President 2006-07
  • 2015, 2004 Paul Harris Fellow+1
  • 1999 Special Merit Award
Photo of Mr. Skip  August
Member Since:  Sep 19, 2006

Mr. Skip August

Technical Management Consultant
Photo of Mr Travis W. Austad
Member Since:  Jan 09, 2018

Mr Travis W. Austad

Center Director
Boys & Girls Club of the Greater Chippewa Valley-Chippewa Falls Center

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Photo of Mr. James R. Barnier
Member Since:  Nov 21, 2006

Mr. James R. Barnier

Wisconsin State Patrol
Member Duties:
  • President 2012-13
  • International Service Member
  • Youth Protection Officer
  • Youth Exchange Officer
  • Youth Counselor
  • Board Member
  • 2018 Special Merit Award
  • 2015, 2014 Paul Harris Fellow+1
  • 2012 Rotarian of the Year
  • 2011 Purpose and Passion Award
  • 2009 Rotarian of the Year
Photo of Mr. Kirk M. Boettcher
Member Since:  Mar 01, 2016

Mr. Kirk M. Boettcher

Rooney Printing
Member Duties:

Corporate Member

  • 2019 Special Merit Award
Photo of Mr. Jason A. Brandner
Member Since:  Jan 17, 2017

Mr. Jason A. Brandner

Senior Manager
Wipfli LLP
Photo of Mr. Mark J. Broses
Member Since:  Jul 25, 2006

Mr. Mark J. Broses

Environmental Civil Engineer
Short Elliott Hendrickson Inc.
Member Duties:
  • 2013-14 President
  • International Service Member
  • 2016-2019 District 6250 Membership Chairman
  • 2013 International Service Award
  • 2010 Rotarian of the Year
  • 2007 Special Merit Award
Photo of Ms. Kimberly A. Broses
Member Since:  Jan 07, 2014

Ms. Kimberly A. Broses

Mason Companies Inc

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Photo of Mr. Patrick  Clifton
Member Since:  Jan 13, 1981

Mr. Patrick Clifton

Portrait Photographer
Dick Jacobs Photography
Member Duties:

Sergeant at Arms

  • 2001 Paul Harris Fellow
  • 1999 Special Merit Award
  • Sergeant at Arms
Photo of Dr. David D. Crane
Member Since:  Aug 10, 1982

Dr. David D. Crane

Retired Dentist
Member Duties:
  • Web Master
  • President 2010-11
  • Program Committee
  • 2017 Gregory Crane receives Rotarian of the Year Award
  • 2012 Presidental Citation
  • 2011 District 6250 “Lifetime Achievement Award”
  • 2008 RI Service Above Self Award
  • 2006 Rotary International Four Avenues of Service Citation
  • 1993 Rotarian of the Year
  • 2015, 2014, 2014, 2012, 2010, 2010, 1997, 1991 Paul Harris Fellow+7
  • 1989 Special Merit Award
Photo of Mr. Hugh D. Crane
Member Since:  Feb 12, 1978

Mr. Hugh D. Crane

Financial Representative
Northwestern Mutual
Member Duties:
  • President 1985-86
  • 2013 Club Service Above Self Award
  • 2012 Purpose and Passion Award
  • 2004 Four Avenues of Service Citation
  • 2000 Rotarian of the Year
  • 2015, 1990 Paul Harris Fellow+1
  • 2018, Burt Axness Service Above Self Award

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Photo of Mr. Jason S. Darley
Member Since:  Aug 29, 2006

Mr. Jason S. Darley

W.S. Darley Co
Photo of Mr. James E. Docksey
Member Since:  Jan 23, 1996

Mr. James E. Docksey

Financial Advisor
Edward Jones Investments
Member Duties:
  • Youth Counselor
  • 2019, 2015, 2009 Paul Harris Fellow+3
  • 2001 Special Merit Award
Photo of Mr. Alan  Dunham
Member Since:  May 21, 2019

Mr. Alan Dunham

Youth Director
Chippewa Valley Bible Church
Member Duties:
  • Corporate Member

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Photo of Ms. Susan M. Emerson
Member Since:  May 21, 2019

Ms. Susan M. Emerson

Woods and Water Reality

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Photo of Jeff T. Flaig
Member Since:  Aug 18, 1997

Jeff T. Flaig

Insurance & Financial Service Agent
State Farm Insurance
  • 2002 Special Merit Award

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Photo of Mr. Rob M. Gerber
Member Since:  Oct 08, 2019

Mr. Rob M. Gerber

Stewardship Director
Hope Gospel Mission
Photo of Ms. Teresa A. Germain
Member Since:  Aug 09, 2005

Ms. Teresa A. Germain

Wiley Law, S.C
Member Duties:
  • 2015 Paul Harris Fellow
  • 2017 Special Merit Award
  • 2014 Special Merit Award
Photo of Mr. Sheldon R. Gough
Member Since:  Apr 17, 2007

Mr. Sheldon R. Gough

Foreign 5
Member Duties:
  • President Chippewa Falls Rotary Foundation
  • 2017 Purpose and Passion Award
  • Paul Harris Fellow

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Photo of Rev. Merle J. Harberts
Member Since:  Sep 01, 1989

Rev. Merle J. Harberts

Real Estate Rental
  • 2008 Paul Harris Fellow
Photo of Mr. Dennis L. Heyde
Member Since:  Feb 01, 1993

Mr. Dennis L. Heyde

Travel Leaders
Photo of Mr. Robert J. Hogseth
Member Since:  Sep 17, 1985

Mr. Robert J. Hogseth

Employee Benefits Consultant
Member Duties:
  • President 1993-94
  • 1999 Paul Harris Fellow
  • 1990 Rotarian of the Year
Photo of Ms. Mary B. Huffcutt
Member Since:  Nov 07, 2017

Ms. Mary B. Huffcutt

Dean of Academics
McDonell Area Catholic Schools
Photo of Mr. Terry L. Huppert
Member Since:  Jun 17, 2003

Mr. Terry L. Huppert

Sales Manager
Markquart Toyota
Member Duties:
  • Rotary Club Board 2004 - 2011
  • Club President 2009-2010
  • Strategic Planning Committee
  • Foundation Board 2009 - Present
  • Foundation Secretary
  • Foundation Vice President
  • Foundation Executive Committee
  • 2005 Special Merit Award
  • 2011 Presidential Citation Award
  • 2012, 2014 Paul Harris Fellow +1
  • 2013 Purpose and Passion Award

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Photo of Mr. Jim  Ignarski
Member Since:  Oct 01, 2014

Mr. Jim Ignarski

Marketing/Development Director
Chippewa Valley Family YMCA

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Photo of Ms. Heather J. Kaeding

Ms. Heather J. Kaeding

Chilson Automotive Group
Photo of Ms. Beth A. Kalata
Member Since:  Jan 27, 2015

Ms. Beth A. Kalata

Inn On Lake Wissota
Member Duties:
  • Club Executive Secretary
  • 2018 Special Merit Award
  • 2016 Paul Harris Fellow
Photo of Mr. Thomas R Kell
Member Since:  Jan 14, 1975

Mr. Thomas R Kell

Mfg Corrugated Cartons
Member Duties:
  • President 1979-80
  • 2002 Four Avenues of Service Citation
  • 1990 Paul Harris Fellow
  • 1986 Rotarian of the Year

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Photo of Mr. Greg J. Loew
Member Since:  Oct 08, 2019

Mr. Greg J. Loew

Spectrum Insurance Group, LLC

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Photo of Mr. Earl A (Al) Mazorol
Member Since:  Aug 17, 2009

Mr. Earl A (Al) Mazorol

Accountant, Consultant
Back Office Accounting and Automation LLC
Member Duties:
  • 2013-2016 Treasurer
  • 2017-2018 President
  • 2018- 2019 Treasurer
  • 2017 Service Above Self Award
  • 2014 Special Merit Award
  • 2013 Rotarian of the Year
  • 2012 Special Merit Award
Photo of Mr. Dennis  Metzdorf
Member Since:  Jun 21, 1981

Mr. Dennis Metzdorf

Retired Accountant
J. Leinenkugel Brewing Company
Member Duties:
  • President 1992-93
  • Exe. Treasurer of CFRC Foundation
  • 2019 Service Above Self Award
  • 2015, 2007, 1995 Paul Harris Fellow+2
  • 1992 Special Merit Award
Photo of Mr. Greg R. Misfeldt
Member Since:  Apr 03, 2018

Mr. Greg R. Misfeldt

VP, Commercial Lending
Northwestern Bank

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Photo of Ms. Jennifer  Prochnow

Ms. Jennifer Prochnow

Executive Assistant to Mark Stoering, President, Wisconsin & Michigan
Xcel Energy

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Photo of Mr. Paul J. Salm
Member Since:  Jan 30, 2001

Mr. Paul J. Salm

Business / Agricultural Banking
BMO Harris Bank
Member Duties:
  • President 2011-12
  • Chippewa Falls Rotary Foundation - Secretary
  • Strategic Planning Committee
  • 2015 Paul Harris Fellow
Photo of Ms. Diane  Sarauer
Member Since:  Nov 25, 2008

Ms. Diane Sarauer

Concrete Business
Member Duties:
  • Public Relations and Social Media
  • Affiliate member
Photo of Mr. Anthony  Schmoldt
Member Since:  May 01, 2012

Mr. Anthony Schmoldt

Schmoldt Law Office, LLC
Member Duties:
  • 2018-19 President
Photo of Mr. Tom  Seaholm
Member Since:  Jul 24, 2012

Mr. Tom Seaholm

Vice President of Business Banking
WNB Financial
Photo of Mr. William L. Shepard
Member Since:  Mar 28, 2017

Mr. William L. Shepard

  • 2019 Purpose and Passion Award
Photo of Dr. Carmi  Simonson
Member Since:  Jan 17, 2017

Dr. Carmi Simonson

Riverview Animal Hospital, LLC
Photo of Mr. Gerald L. Smith
Member Since:  Sep 24, 1991

Mr. Gerald L. Smith

Education Administration
  • 1997 Paul Harris Fellow
Photo of Rev. Troy J. Solava
Member Since:  May 21, 2019

Rev. Troy J. Solava

Teaching Elder
Chippewa Valley Bible Church
Member Duties:
  • Corporate Member
Photo of Ms. Breann  Starken
Member Since:  Oct 08, 2019

Ms. Breann Starken

Mortgage Banker
Citizens State Bank - Cadott
Photo of Ms. Cathy A. Statz
Member Since:  Nov 25, 2008

Ms. Cathy A. Statz

Education Director
Wisconsin Farmers Union
Member Duties:
  • Co-president 2019-2020
  • President 2014-15
  • Community Services Chair
  • Youth Exchange Officer
  • 2017 International Service Award
  • 2011 International Service Award
Photo of Mr. Logan J. Sullivan
Member Since:  Feb 27, 2018

Mr. Logan J. Sullivan

Operations Manager
Lumberjack Tools
Member Duties:
  • President Elect
  • Corporate Member
  • 2019 Rotarian of the Year Award
Photo of Ms. Wendy D. Sullivan
Member Since:  Feb 27, 2018

Ms. Wendy D. Sullivan

Lumberjack Tools, Inc.
Member Duties:
  • Corporate Member

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Photo of Mr. Craig  Toycen
Member Since:  Apr 10, 2018

Mr. Craig Toycen

Toycen Ford, Inc.
Member Duties:
  • Corporate Member
Photo of Mr. Michael D. Toycen
Member Since:  Apr 10, 2018

Mr. Michael D. Toycen

Toycen Ford, Inc.
Member Duties:
  • Corporate Member

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Photo of Mr. Rusty  Volk
Member Since:  Jul 01, 2007

Mr. Rusty Volk

Executive Director
Northern Wisconsin State Fair Assn. Inc.

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Photo of Mr. Aaron L Widiker
Member Since:  Jul 21, 2009

Mr. Aaron L Widiker

Financial Advisor
Edward Jones
Member Duties:
  • 2019 International Service Award
  • President 2015-16
  • Interim Executive Secretary
  • RI Foundation Coordinator
  • 2015 Paul Harris Fellow
  • 2015 Paul Harris Society Member
Photo of Rev. Jim  Woldhuis
Member Since:  May 16, 2006

Rev. Jim Woldhuis

Chippewa Valley Bible Church
Member Duties:
  • Board Member
  • Strategic Planning Committee
  • 2014 Club Service Above Self Award
  • 2012 Paul Harris Fellow
  • 2007 Special Merit Award